○ MoSaIC ○

Project period: 2018 – 2020

Collaborative partners: Ensemble AMADEUS (IT), Koor&Steem (BE) og SOUND Cultural Foundation (RO)

Supported by: Creative Europe



Refugee discrimination in the current political European climate is still noticeably widespread – tensions are at their peak and have resulted in an unfortunate rhetoric regarding the views of refugees and immigrants flying to European countries. Art provides an unexplored platform from which to explore the possibilities of social inclusion. Through creative funds and the development of interpersonal skills in the arts sector, the EU-funded project MoSaIC was designed to tackle the difficult integration of migrants and refugees into mainstream cultural and social life in the EU.

MoSaIC focuses on combating discrimination through young people’s wider reach and understanding of cultures brought to Europe through a musical expression. Music transcends the major language barriers, geographical boundaries and cultural research while at the same time understanding the distinct genres and musical traditions of different countries which should be preserved. The MoSaIC project is led by Ensemble AMADEUS (IT) and involves 3 participants from Belgium, Romania and Denmark from October 2018 to December 2020. The project wanted to sell international opportunities for young musicians to improve their skills, start collaborations and co-productions. It aims at involving young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in EU host communities through musical cooperation and co-operation at national and EU level.

The overall goal is to engage migrant musicians and European professional musicians to and through mutual knowledge and collaboration that allows migrant to gain their musical traditions and skills with European peers, exploring different musical genres in Europe. Project stems from opportunities of facilitating the integration of immigrant groups into social and cultural life, fighting discrimination and ignorance of immigrant backgrounds and sales, and widespread knowledge of musical heritage in Europe to create and shared cultural heritage open to diversity.