○ Jazz Music Revisiting ○

Project Period: 2019 – 2020

Collaborative partners: VIA University College in Ikast Muncipality and Horsens Municipality

Supported by: Central Region Jutland and Nordea Fund

Jazz Music Revisting

The pilot project Jazz Music Revisiting carried out a musical cultural meeting between toddlers, professional jazz musicians and future nursery teachers from VIA University College in Ikast Municipality and Horsens Municipality. A selected number of Danish jazz musicians visited, divided into duos, day-cares, nurseries and kindergartens in order to collaborate with the children to create new and unique musical results through the reintroduction of jazz music. The project resulted in family concerts for 0–6-year-old children in Region of Central Jutland during June 2019.

The project Jazz Music Revisiting was made up of a series of interconnected activities, consisting of a training course for the nursery teacher students, activities in the day-care institutions, an artist-in-residency programme for the musicians, workshops, and a touring orchestra, which played concerts with the produced music after the end of the project period – all targeted at the families of toddlers throughout Central Jutland: A focus was placed on preparing and helping the children along the way for the meeting with the artists, which was accomplished by working directly with the educational programmes at VIA University College. The students were given the task of informing the children about jazz, the visiting musicians and activating them through engaging jazz activities, such as dance and games, which the children and the teachers themselves were able to use after the end of the project. The selected musicians functioned as artists-in-residence for six days and were committed to their engagement at the given locations.

With three days of visiting children in day-cares, the collected inspirational material was put together and was performed during family concerts, where all of the jazz musicians played as a unified orchestra. Family concerts were played in Ikast-Brande Municipality and Horsens Municipality on June 22nd 2019 with a happy, singing, clapping and dancing audience.

Video - Jazz Music Revisiting