In the section below, you’ll find the latest annual reports.

In the annual reports you can read about the various activities, which Swinging Europe has been responsible for, as well as been involved in:

Annual Report 2017

The year 2017 was defined by a European approach in relation to Swinging Europe’s continued work with networking projects within the international cultural world. Not only did we expand on projects, but also in the creation of collaborative initiatives across geographical boundaries, exciting developments took place both at home and abroad.

Regionally, we again participated in the annual cultural event, Kultur i Mørket, where artist Lord B talked about sustainability for children and childish souls while the project InVITAtion Lab continued to travel around the central and western Jutland municipalities to involve young people in local communities through active citizenship and creative problem solving. Similarly, the grand regional culture festival – Off Road Festival – was celebrated with a resounding bang in April, where Swinging Europe contributed to the musical soundscape with the trio Migrant Music and the new pilot project, PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC, with the latter band performing in front of a large crowd.

Internationally, we launched a number of collaborative projects in 2017, which made use of the untested areas of interdisciplinary artistic principles; the Erasmus+ project Culture ShoX, which took place in Cyprus and Herning, tested the possibilities of theatre and music as a communicative language between European youth and refugees. The results and experiences from the intercultural project were subsequently presented at the Tools Conference, which took place in Herning from the 29th – 30th November, where we participated as collaborators. During the course of the conference, a film-collage from the two youth camps was shown to a wide audience, which consisted of national and international representatives from the cultural scene.

Annual Report 2016

2016 was an enriching, but also inspiring and cultural year for Swinging Europe. Not only in terms of our projects, but also in the creation of network connections and collaborations, exciting developments took place both regionally, nationally and internationally with the aim of developing, strengthening and launching interdisciplinary cooperation projects.

Regionally, our project InVITAtion Lab expanded to include Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and the project idea for Migrant Music was sown. Nationwide, 2016 was the year during which Swinging Europe’s annual talent development orchestra, PLAY!GROUND LIVE, with international musician Bo Stief in front, was able to celebrate its 15th anniversary. It was also the year that sparked the further development of the same music concept, which would culminate in a not heretofore seen Nordic version of the orchestra, namely PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC. At the same time, Swinging Europe planned and coordinated several new international projects, including the Erasmus+ project Culture ShoX, the Ukrainian collaborative project, Sound Becomes Life, and the European networking concept, NIMPE.

Annual Report 2015

2015 was an eventful year for Swinging Europe. As an organisation, we continued our work both locally, nationally and internationally. 2015 was no exception, as we carried out a number of activities and initiatives at home, as well as abroad; at an international level, we had several projects and networking activities in Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Brussels, respectively.

Annual Report 2014

2014 became another dynamic and eventful year for DSI Swinging Europe. It is now the fourth year that we as an organisation work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and time has shown new roads to explore, while others have been taken off the map. However, although parts have been reconsidered and reassessed since the beginning, the tradition and the goal are still to work both locally and alle over Europe with cultural projects.

Nationwide, Grænseløs is a successful new project that fills a niche in Danish music life, which has remained unexplored and just waited to be realised in connection with the many talented musicians in Denmark.

Annual Report 2013

“Bringing Herning out into the world and the world to Herning” became the motto for 2013. Since the move to Brande Municipality back in 2010, the cultural institution of Swinging Europe has been working towards developing local activities, while at the same time gaining a widespread namesake internationally. The year opened with a D-A-D concert in China and later during the year we were a co-organizer of the International Association of Schools at the Jazz Meeting, which took placed in Herning and Aarhus. No less than 20 nationalities were gathered during the week while the meeting lasted. It became both an musical experience for both participants and the audience who met in Herning and Aarhus.