○ The Dancer Revisting ○

Project Period: 2019 – 2020

Collaborative Partners: Black Box Dance Company, Day-cares: Gården in Ryde, Ejsing Free School’s kindergarten and Spilophuset in Gjellerup/Hammerum, Primary schools: Margrethe Reedtz School, Ryde School

Supported by: The Regional Culture Agreement in Central and Western Jutland, Herning Municipality, Færch Fund and Nordea Fund

The Dancer Revisiting

In the autumn of 2020, Swinging Europe carried out the second instalment in regional project The Artist Revisting. It focused on dance and therefore was given the title – The Dancer Revisting.

In The Dancer Revisting, 3 professional dancers from Black Box Dance Company danced and performed in many ways similar to the first instalment in the project, which had the title Jazz Music Revisting. The dancers visited a number of day-care institutions and a single free school and through playing and dancing with the children in the institutions, the artists were inspired to create a small dance performance for the toddlers.

Due to the corona pandemic, the project, as intended, did not end with a public dance performance, where day-cares, the toddlers and their families were invited, but instead with a video recording of the full dance performance, which the dancers created. The video was shared online in 2021 for the benefit of all participating parties and other projects.

The Dancers

From left to right: Christian From, Rosie Stebbing and Carl Hughes from Black Box Dance Company