Does your organisation need to be less chaotic or is there not enough of it?

It’s a job for Kaosmonaut!

KAOSmonaut covers activities that aim to create more of what you like in organisations.

We offer Graphic Recording, Illustrations and Prezi presentations

10344307_768112599889626_2481424707613060797_oGraphic Recording
How about having someone capturing the essence of a meeting or a conference and reflecting it on a piece of paper with the use of headlines and simple graphics? This method can easily be implemented regardless the size of the group. Whether it is a meeting with you and your business partner or a conference that involve 200-300 people, we offer graphic recording or graphic note-taking for your next meeting or conference. This is usually done with a room of people talking about things, while our visual recorder capturing the essence on a 3-5 meter long paper with colourful drawings.

Contact cuneyt(at)swinging-europe for more info and prices.

We offer illustrations for your folder, homepage or you name it. Both big and small. See below examples of  Cüneyt’s earlier work:

Watercolour illustrations for children’s book published in Turkey.

Menu illustrations for Samsø Energy Academy’s homepage.

Illustrations for Nordhavn Project
Are you tired of  limitations of power points and want to make fast and cool presentations? Our Prezi enthusiast can fix a presentation for you or your company in no time. We can also arrange a one day workshop so your next presentation can look like this:

Facilitation and Team Building

We offer to design and facilitate your next meeting or staff day. The process is custom made according to your needs and executed with dynamic facilitation methods that stem from systemic process understanding.

Storytelling and Storytelling Workshops

Stories mean the world to us. We learn from, breathe and live the stories we are told and telling. Either you are interested in a storyteller to visit your company / institution or you’d like a story telling workshop. We’re here to get you more excited about the stories. The rest we will tell when you invite us in..