We are proud to be a part of and to be the coordinating entity of the new nordic project PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC, which  is a pilot project that aims to create a touring talent orchestra across the Nordic boarders and lead by world known danish musician Bo Stief.

The concept and idea behind PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC originates from our more than 15 years of experience within national and international talent-development e.g. our successful and ongoing 15 year old national project PLAY!GROUND LIVE.

The project is funded by Nordisk Kulturfond and Egefonden.

Talent Development Orchestra

Every partner country selects three musicians in the age from 15 to 22 who will attend the orchestra and the Nordic tour. The project will start with an intensive three days rehearsal in Herning, DK. During these three days, the musicians will live and play together under leadership by Bo Stief who will swing the baton as well as instruct the young musicians compared to the handling of instruments, solo performances, interaction and performance.

“The young musicians is a target group that I have always loved to work with. I wish to give the young people an opportunity to develop as musicians as well as experience the professional life as musicians – a unique opportunity, which they will receive through PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC” – Bo Stief

Bo Stief has through the entire process focus on creating a safe and inviting learning environment that helps to liberate the young musicians’ creativity. Through differentiated education, he has both his focus on the orchestra as a whole but also on solo lessons where his starting point is in the individual musician’s strength and weaknesses. Learning by doing is a leading thought through PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC, which is about sending the young musical talents out into reality and giving them a renewed cultural insight as well as practical experience as professional musicians through the Nordic tour.

The musical program is broad and genre free. The orchestra will play their way into a kind of now-music, which is open, broad, youthful and full of challenges. Hereby, the musicians will come broadly around in the universe of music without being restricted to certain genre understandings.
Before the rehearsal period in Denmark has ended, the orchestra will have rehearsed between 10-15 songs. A mix between ensemble playing and shorter passages where the individual musician can get room to step forward alone or in a musical game with the others.

The tour will include 3-4 concerts in each country and a seminar for music teachers and students. Through these seminars we wish to share experiences and generate new knowledge about music education for young musicians.

Partner Introduction

A total of four partners, Swinging Europe included, will collaborate on the realization of PLAY!GROUND LIVE NORDIC.

Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter, RUM, is an organization for children and young people who play an instrument, sing, dance or do drama. Among their 40,000 members and 400 local associations, there are lots of music and cultural activities of all kinds.
RUM organises training courses, concerts, workshops, festivals and much more fun for their members.

Korsholm Musikinstitut is a municipally music institute that provides classes in music and dance. Apart from that the institute buys educational services in theater and visual arts.
Korsholm is a member of The Association of Finnish Music Schools, which is an umbrella organization for music schools and conservatories with 100 members all over Finland.

Music institute Legato is an artistic educational institution, which was founded in 1990.
Legato is also a member of The Association of Finnish Music Schools.