PLAY!GROUND LIVE is a national talent orchestra, which every year is recreated with new talented musicians, between the ages of 15 to 22, who will go on the annual tour around Denmark. The young musicians are selected through auditions where the leader of the orchestra, Bo Stief, put great emphasis on both the musical and social balance in the final composition of the orchestra.

“The young people are a target group, whom I have always loved to work with. I wish to give the young people a possibility to develop as musicians as well as experience the professional music life – a unique possibility, which they will only receive through PLAY!GROUND LIVE”
– Bo Stief (TR.)

PLAY!GROUND LIVE has existed for 15 years and several former participants are now playing in noted bands like Lukas Graham, L.I.G.A and Bremer/McCoy.

Bo Stief is an established musician on a national as well as international level. He has 50+ years of experience on the Danish and International jazz scene. He composes and conducts the music in PLAY!GROUND LIVE, which gets renewed in the hands of the young talents. Moreover, Bo Stief has also had many years of experience with working with young people and talent development and he puts his shoulder to the wheel in both the high musical level and the social aspects of the tour around Denmark.

15th anniversary

In 2016, PLAY!GROUND LIVE can celebrate its 15th anniversary. This will be celebrated with a fantastic premiere concert and reception at the city hall in Herning, where we hope to gather a lot of different cultural actors and interested citizens as well as former participants from the orchestra’s previous years.


2016 is also the year where we will be working on expanding the project to create a platform for young musicians from the Nordic and Baltic countries. This will happen with inputs from musicians, composers and music teachers who wish to share their experiences and knowledge with the young musicians. The overall goal is to give the young musicians a musical and practical experience and relevant tools, which will develop and make them capable of actively taking responsibility to both the music and their career.


This year’s orchestra consist of the following young talents

David-Jonathan-TaylorDavid  Jonathan Taylor – Drums
Year of birth: 1995
Jonathan lives in Herning and plays the drums. He has a wide taste in music and therefore he likes to play different kinds of genres. He loves music the most when it is spontaneous and when it is the instruments that communicate. He has dropped out of High School as well as the music school in order to get more experience and expand his network. The last few years he has been playing whenever he could, whether it was big events or small café gigs. He is very inspired by the drummer Benny Greb and his amazing touch and creativity. David loves meeting new people, especially through music.

Julius-Sonne-StenberdtJulius Stenberdt – Guitar
Year of birth: 1997
Julius lives in Herning. He has been playing in a lot of bands and likes to play and listen to a lot of different genres. “The reason I like so much different music is because I think every genre has something unique to offer the listener. Also I think it is good to point out that the terms “soul” and “feel” means: to put your energy and inspiration into the music you are playing. It is not about who can play the most notes, it’s to play the right/the right amount of notes at the right time.”
At the moment, Julius is inspired by, Dream Theater, Animals As Leaders, Tigran Hamasyan, Meshuggah, Haken, Martin Miller and Tom Quayle. “We play for the music, we don’t play for ourselves. Music is not a business. It’s a lifestyle.”

Ellen-ostervig-Nielsen2015Ellen Østervig Nielsen – Vocal
Year of birth: 1994
Ellen lives in Holstebro and is a vocalist. She studies at MGK and is very serious about making music as a career. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 6 and music has been a huge part of her life ever since. Ellen listens to a lot of different kinds of music, but is mainly inspired by Nordic female pop artists such as Susanne Sundfør, Oh Land, Robyn and so forth. She is fascinated by the contrasts between voluminous setups, performance and the feminine, refined energy. 
Mathias-BotternMathias Bøttern – Guitar
Year of Birth: 1994
Mathias lives in Holstebro where he is about to finish MGK. He started playing drums, but later his main instrument became the guitar. He loves to hear and play different genres including jazz, neo-soul, hiphop, and latin music. Main influences: Ray Charles, Jobim, D’angelo, Chet Baker, Peter Bernstein. 
Jakob-Planch-LarsenJacob Planch – Piano/Keyboard
Year of Birth: 1997
I am in High School at Hillerød Gymnasium and play in a couple of bands with others at my school. I listen to all kinds of music, however, mostly electronic, metal, progressive rock and fusion jazz. Therefore, I like to play different genres but my inspiration for my own compositions mostly comes the world of jazz. Moreover, I am very fascinated by synthesizers and exploring the art of getting sound design and music come together. One of my greatest idols is Cory Henry.
Frederik-Nordvang-KristiansenFrederik Nordvang – Guitar
Year of birth: 1995
Frederik is from Sorø and plays the guitar. From a very early age he was inspired to play music. He started playing classical guitar when he was 8 years old, and got his first electric guitar at the age of 15. Growing up Frederik listened to a lot of Danish bands such as Shubidua, Big fat snake and Halberg – Larsen, but as he grew older his taste in music got wider and now he listens to all kinds of music – blues, jazz, funk, soul and hip hop. He is very inspired by guitarist such as Robben Ford, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix. 
Lasse-Sannerud-PetersenLasse Sannerud Petersen – Vocal
Year of birth: 1994
Lasse lives in Stenlille and he studies at MGK in Slagelse where he is taking lessons as a rhythmical singer. With Stevie Wonder as a huge influence, Lasse plays a broad variety of instruments and is very open when it comes to genres and styles of music. “I love being a singer, because I get to work with the band as an artist, and I like being in touch with the band while I sing”. Lasse is working on an EP with a mix of Pop/World and Funk songs. “I see music as a gift, I love playing, exploring and feeling music in all its different shapes and colors”. At the moment, Lasse likes listening to Cory Henry, Lianne La Havas, Joshua Redman, Avishai Cohen, D’angelo and Nils Frahm. As a singer and songwriter, artists such as Stevie Wonder, India Arie, John Legend, Raul Midon, Marcus Foster and Gary Newman inspire him.

Amalie-DahlAmalie Dahl – Saxophone
Year of birth: 1995
Amalie is 20 yeas old and is living in Nykøbing Falster. She takes lessons at MGK and is teaching music at a public school. She started to play the saxophone when she was seven years old and she mostly played in pop/rock orchestras. Since then, the genres have mostly been jazz and big bang music, however she is open to anything. Amalie’s source of inspiration is saxophonists like Cannonball Adderley, Phil Woods and Charlie Parker. She likes to listen to old standard jazz as well as modern jazz. These days she listens a lot to Aaron Parks, Lars Janssom, Thomas Fonnesbæk, Jørgen Emborg and Hans Ulrik.

Alberte-Sofie-SvenningsenAlberte Sofie Svenningsen – Saxophone
Year of birth: 1993.
Alberte lives in Copenhagen where she plays the saxophone and takes lessons at MGK. She has always been open for different kinds of music, which gives her experiences in both pop, soul, african highlife, punk and jazz bands. After an intense musical journey to Ghana two years ago, she has been fascinated by african rhythms and drumming and now she spends a lot of time on practising and playing these odd rhythms.
Jacob-MundtJacob Mundt – Bass
Year of birth: 1997
Jacob lives in Albertslund and has played the bass since the age of 10. He is very happy that he has the opportunity to work with music and hereby take part in creating something for- and with someone. “I try out a lot of different genres and try to explore sound, which is something I look forward to spend my energy on in my life”. The music that he likes is not conditional on any genre, but is often an artist that has arrived at a place where the person has a sense and understanding for human resonance. “This I hope to be able to find in myself and nevertheless I enjoy experiencing it”.

Frede-Holger-ThorsenFrede Holger Thorsen – Piano/Keyboard
Year of birth: 2000
Frede 16 years old and has been playing the piano since the age of 12. He has been playing the guitar since he was 11 years old and he also plays the trumpet, however the piano is his main instrument. He has always loved to compose and has done it ever since he started playing music. “I do not believe that it takes much to compose, you can always compose new music from what you can, have heard and from what you discover yourself. To me it is all about not getting in the way for oneself and to be open to ones own as well as others ideas”. Frede has been listening to a lot of jazz and classical music but has recently opened up to all genres. These days he is, among others, working with hip-hop.

Eigil Pock-Steen Jørgensen – DrumsEigil-Pock-Steen-Jorgensen
Year of birth: 1997
Eigil was born in Copenhagen and since the age of seven he has been playing the piano and percussion but mainly the drums. In 2015 he dropped out of school to attend MGK music school in Copenhagen. “Now I have the time to follow my passion, which is playing and producing all kinds of music”. He grew up listening to everything from hip-hop, Danish pop music to free jazz.


The Danish regional TV-station TV MIDT VEST had a feature about Swinging Europe and PLAY!GROUND LIVE in their 19:30-broadcast on the 16th of August. The TV-station visited PLAY!GROUND LIVE back in June when they were on their extra mini-tour. You can watch the feature below.


Watch the video of PLAY!GROUND LIVE 2016, which was produced during their tour around Denmark this spring.