Swinging Europe is a partner in a newly funded EU project called NIMPE. It is the Italian association Assomusica who has come up with the idea for this project.

NIMPE is the abbreviation for Network for the Internationalisation of Music Producers in Europe and is a project that aims at supporting the internationalisation of live music and events enterprises (especially young and newly started enterprises) within Europe, trying to overcome the difficulties encountered by the sectors operators and suggesting competitive models to be tested and assessed and then shared amongst the European countries, in perspective of strengthening the overall competitiveness of the system, even towards the extra European countries.

Swinging Europe’s position and area of responsibility covers being a member organisation that creates a Decalogue for the production of companies’ internationalisation strategy. This action will explain all the steps that a music and events production company has to realise for their correct internationalisation. Swinging Europe will also help the European Music Producers Week implementation by disseminating at EU level and especially in the Nordic countries, music networks and music related medias. Furthermore, Swinging Europe will support another NIMPE Project Work Package, creating a database with international music co-production best practices in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

More info will follow