Skærmbillede 2016-09-07 11.09.01InVITAtion Lab is a collaboration between seven municipalities in Jutland, DK. These municipalities are Herning, Holstebro, Lemvig, Ikast-Brande, Lemvig, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Skive and Struer.

InVITAtion Lab gives young people between the ages of 14 to 25 leeway to invent and test new democratic and including processes with help from methodologies from art, culture, stage art, visual arts etc. The project hereby contributes to the fostering of “sustainable” creators and fellow citizens. More specifically, groups of young people will be invited to participate in an InVITAtion Lab course. – In the morning, school classes and in the afternoon, “free” young people.

The group of young people will work together on finding a problem/challenge/something to be improved in their city. By doing so, they learn from the start to use democratic elements and challenges and the group will be helped mutually to express opinions through e.g. role-playing.

Hereafter, the group will start planning, executing and market an activity, which relates to the given challenge. The activity will be shaped as a cultural manifest – e.g. the group uses visual art to visualize political additional choices and opt-out in the urban life. – Or that the group writes protest songs and arranges community singing at the town square.


The project will start in October and the first InVITAtion Lab will take place in Ringkøbing-Skjern in November.
However, the project has already been presented at the annual cultural meeting at Mors, DK on the 26th of August. Here, we gave an example of how these InVITAtion Labs will be like when the project kicks off in November.

Below is a list of when and where the InVITAtion Labs will take place:

Lab1: November 2016 – Ringkøbing Skjern
Lab2: January 2017 – Holstebro
Lab3: February 2017 – Ikast-Brande
Lab4: March 2017 – Skive
Lab5: April 2017 – Lemvig
Lab6: May 2017 – Herning
Lab7: June 2017 – Struer
Lab8: September 2017

InVITAtion Lab will be carried out the following way:
Each of the seven InVITAtion Labs will have two start-up meetings.
One with the library only, and one with the library and the local cultural actors.
A total of eight workshop-days, two a week, will be held each place.
Finally, we will make an evaluating meeting from each place.