Project period: 2016 – 2019

Collaborative partners: AssoMusica (IT), Root Music LTD (UK), Drustvo Studentski kulturni center (SKUC) (SL), Technopole Quimper-Cornuaille (FR) and M.E.S.O Musc Events (GR)

Supported by: Creative Europe


NIMPE is the abbreviation for Network for Internalization of Music Producers in Europe and is a EU-funded project by Creative Europe. NIMPE aims to support the internationalisation of live music, especially newly established up-and-coming companies starting out in Europe, to better assess the European market and promote their international musical activities. The Italian organisation Assomusica Associazione is the project manager of NIMPE, and Swinging Europe is one of the collaborative partners, counting four other organisations from Greece, Great Britain, Slovenia and France, respectively.

The cultural sector has challenges in exporting and internationalising its productions, especially when it come to live music. Challenges include lack of information about other markets, networking, as well as knowledge and skills in marketing. NIMPE wishes to create a network for music producers, technicians and other stakeholders in this specific field to develop cross-sectorial education and cooperative activities. As a result, NIMPE will develop a workbook – an online database and a printed tool that will cover all international needs in relation to knowledge about other markets. There will also be a NIMPE Factory, an international event, which will have the purpose of creating networking opportunities that cater to the specific types of audiences.

Swinging Europe’s role in the project is to be part of the research work in gathering information about the Danish market in order to be used in a NIMPE database. We will be associated with the various task phases that intend to disseminate information and provide practical tools for new international strategies directed at music producers and venues.


By 2018, Swinging Europe will be hosting NIMPE on the 16th – 18th of April. In this connection, representatives from the five other partner countries to Denmark, together with representatives from the main partner, will be representing Assomusica in Italy. At the meeting of partners and various initiatives will be followed up since the meeting in Slovenia from the 9th to the 11th October 2017. The joint meeting was part of the development process towards the final outcome in 2019.

The meeting was a combination of exchanging experiences and knowledge from the respective partner countries and ideas in relation to further initiatives and individual implementation of the project in the six countries. In addition, a targeted plan for NIMPE Factory for LINECHECK Music Festival was agreed upon.

NIMPE Factory will take place in Milan from 21st to the 26th of November 2018 in conjunction with the LINECHECK Music Festival and includes a full program of concerts and musical live shows with internationally renowned artists. Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival is a music festival and a meeting place for music industry professionals. The music meeting will be an extension of the programme with lectures, showcases, discussions and developments. At NIMPE Factory in Milan, our goal will be to expose more Danish music producers and managers to discussions, dialogue and network connections with stakeholders from the rest of Europe.


On the 2nd and 4th of February 2016, a kick-off meeting took place in connection with the project in Volos, Greece. It was the first opportunity to meet and talk about the project, the strategy, the development of network connections and setting milestones for future cooperation. During the meeting, the Volume Music Showcase Festival took place – a two-day conference with debates and live music. Swinging Europe attended the conference as spokespersons in two panel debates, focusing on NIMPE and Swinging Europe’s musical work in Europe.