▪ Festival på Flugt ▪

Project Periode: 2015

Focus on art and culture’s role in the context of integration in local communities.

Festival på Flugt

Festival på Flugt! (Festival on the Run) was Swinging Europe’s project idea on how one might draw upon the qualities of art and culture in order to build bridges between ethnic and cultural differences.

The primary goal was to create a mobile cultural festival, designed and implemented in the context of newly arrived refugees and local citizens. The festival had as its aim to reflect the local community in which it unfolded, while the framework of the festival both incorporated art, music, food and sports – the common denominator being experiences you can easily share with others, no matter skin colour or cultural beliefs.

The increased number of refugees has meant that Danish municipalities and communities have been under pressure in recent years – Festival på Flugt focused on meeting that challenge, based on the conviction that receiving refugees with a positive attitude ultimately strengthens the possibility of successful integration into local communities.

In 2015, Festival på Flugt was Swinging Europe’s contribution to the annual Cultural Summit Mors. We facilitated an alternative live drawing event between politicians Uffe Elbæk and artist Anders Morgenthaler, which dealt with the issue of art’s ability to build bridges between cultural borders.

In November 2015, Swinging Europe was among the finalists in Section I’s International Innovation Competition with the theme of Rethink Living. We did not get the first prize, but we received a lot of savings and network connections, benefiting the project’s further development. Festival på Flugt is still under development and many of the elements in the festival will be used in other future projects focusing on the meeting of people across both large and small borders.