▪ DSI SE in ASIA ▪

Project Periode: 2013

A Cultural Exchange Programme between Europe and Asia


DSI SE in Asia is an international cultural exchange programme for musicians, which spans many years. The programme was started by Swinging Europe back in 2013.

The purpose of the programme was to develop long-term opportunities for musicians in Asia to create synergies between initiatives in the field of international music presentation, as well as the development of sustainable strategies for Euro-Asian music exchanges.

The programme included 3 projects:

  • Danish music in China – Create knowledge about a better and more efficient presentation of Danish music in China through research and visit programs, touring and networking.
  • Sonic East – Organise concerts with Asian rock, pop, jazz and electronic artists in collaboration with international partners.
  • European Music Exchange Asia – By utilising our experiences in presenting music in Asia at an European level, we wished to create a shared platform for European musicians and Asian promoters to gain knowledge from.
  • Enabling better access to funding opportunities and marketing tools to ensure better results in terms of tours, exchange programmes and intercontinental cooperation.