· Klassiske Dage ·

Project Periode: 2014

Collaborative Partners: Holstebro Gymnasium, Holstebro Music School, Ensemble MidtVest and Odin Theatre

Supported by: Holstebro Municipality, The Ministry of Culture

Klassiske Dage

Klassiske Dage (Classical Days) is an annual international music festival in Holstebro Muncipality, Denmark. Swinging Europe facilitated the 10th edition of Klassiske Dage, which took place on on the 2nd – 5th of October 2014.

Klassiske Dage is locally anchored and cooperates locally with Holstebro Gymnasium, Holstebro Music School, The Royal Danish Theater Ballet School, Ensemble MidtVest and Odin Theater. The festival is partly financed by Holstebro Municipality, Ministry of Culture, private sponsors and through ticket sales.

Through the years,Classical Days has invited and presented an elite of international musicians, including Borodin Quartet, Peter Frankl, Ralf Gothoni, Tamas Vetö, etc.

The festival is not only aimed at fans of classical music, but for the whole musical ‘food chain’ – from children to students to the elderly. As part of the festival, there have been children’s activities since 2008. The purpose was to present music, dance and movement to elementary school students at a time where commercial mainstream culture is so strong that a need for an artistic counterweight presented itself. Music breaks down barriers, irrespective of different nationalities, cultures, religions, skin color, age or gender.

The brain behind the festival concept is the Danish flutist, Janne Thomsen. She has won several international competitions and has performed together with some of the most prominent musicians in the world, for example Maxim Vengerov and Joshua Bell.