○ humARTS ○

Project period: 2019

Collaborative Partners: BAKYARD (TUR) and Central Youth Theatre (UK)

Supported by: Erasmus+


The Erasmus+ project humARTS: Creatively Interpreting Human Rights was an intercultural youth project, which ran from July 26th – August 9th 2019 in Antalya, Turkey and was a collaborative project between the theatre organisation Central Theatre (UK), the NGO BAKYARD (TUR) and project leader Swinging Europe. The project humARTS addressesed human rights on the basis of the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The project consisted of a two-week workshop that established a creative bridge between the participants aged 18-25, consisting of youth from Denmark, the UK, Turkey and Middle Eastern backgrounds, representing both refugee and non-refugee backgrounds.

From Denmark, 5 young musicians took part, and from England 5 young theatre enthusiastic youth from Central Youth Theatre. The other participants consisted of 20 young Turks, 15 of whom were local refugees. Through music, theater, spoken word performances and illustrative paper marbling called ebru, humARTS had as its premise to interpret three selected human rights articles, which were artistically and creatively interpreted by the participants through workshops, team-work and social inclusion.

The results of the various workshops, which made up the basis of the project’s duration, resulted in a final official interdisciplinary performance in Antalya, based on the originally created material from participants across the different art forms. The entire process was captured in a documentary dealing with the creative process, which took place, and will subsequently be shown at European film festivals and conferences in 2021.