Swinging Europe is engaged in spreading music to all parts of the world – both nationally and internationally.

Our latest collaborative project, NIMPE, is only one exmaple how we as an institution work with strengthening producers of live music through an emphasised international approach:

We took part in the second NIMPE meeting from the 9th – 11th of October 2017 in Ljublana. Following the philosophy of NIMPE’s kickoff meeting in February in Volos, the meeting with the NIMPE project representatives was combined with a series of meetings with the local Slovenian music scene. Additionally, apart from the administrative and operational goals of the events, the NIMPE partners evaluated the first steps of the collaboration, discussed the forthcoming NIMPE Music Factory activities, as well as the next steps in the development of NIMPE as a project.

SKUC, NIMPE’s Slovenian partner and host is one of the leading non-governmental organisations to promote non-commercial cultural and artistic activities in Slovenia.SKUC is an organisation, which works for the betterment of culture in Slovenia.

Swinging Europe was represented during the meeting through project manager Steen Mikkelsen, who participated in the kick-off meeting in Ljublana in Slovenia from the 9th – 11th of October last year, where all six partners in the NIMPE project took part. It was the second meeting in a series of six meeting, where the partners from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, France, England and Denmark presented their experiences and thoughts.

In addition, an in-depth analysis of the project was carried out, the final activity plan was drafted, including scheduling, monitoring of activities and review of reports.

Furthermore, time was spent adding adjustments in connection with the communication plan, debates on the forthcoming initiatives and various tasks for partner countries, one of which being that Swinging Europe would be host for the six NIMPE partner countries in the spring of 2018.

During the NIMPE meeting, a plan was drafted for NIMPE Factory: </ strong>:

NIMPE Factory will be an extraordinary opportunity for music industry professionals and similar stakeholders to develop  sessions,  networking and experience another form of live music.

NIMPE Factory aims at connecting professionals, stakeholders and the public in order to:

  • Provide professionals with developmentalities and analyze project issues (internationalization, strategies, co-production models and beyond) as well as testing with different tools.
  • link the professionals involved in NIMPE networks and increase the network with additional participants
  • Produce an international live music event
  • convey NIMPE project results to a wider audience
  • test collaborative models and identify production of an EU live music show
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