PLAY!GROUND LIVE 2014 consists of these young talents:

Anna Kirkegaard Pedersen
Year of birth: 1993.
Anna lives in Holstebro and is one of the vocals of Play!Ground Live 2014. She loves melodious songs with beautiful concords. “To me, the music does not always have to be impressive but it has to evoke my senses and that’s what inspires me and what I strive a passing on to others, even though it is not always easy – the balance of letting go to the music but still retain control” She finds inspiration in e.g. The Staves, Lianne La Havas and has a weakness for R&B and groovy soul music. This weakness has often made her wish that she was born as the wild, black soul mama, however at one point she had to realize that this was not the case and can now recognize herself in her Scandinavian genes.
Magnus Sørvin Wiinblad
Year of birth: 1996.
Magnus is born and raised in Brøndby. He plays the Soprano Saxophone and the Alto Saxophone. He started his musical interest at the municipal music school in Brøndby where he is still receiving lessons from Kasper Wagner, who is an alto saxophonist. He has been a part of numerous bands, woodwind-bands and ensembles at the rhythmical talent line. “I have played most genres but mostly Jazz”. Magnus is currently playing lead alto in St. Annæ High School Big Band and is, in the spring of 2014, touring the U.S. with concerts Washington DC, New York and Princeton.
Jonathan Wøhlk-Christensen
Year of birth: 1996.
Jonathan lives in Søborg and has been playing bass for 9 years. He goes to school at St. Annæ High School and MGK and his next goal is to study at the academy of music. Bass players like Victor Wooten, Melvin Davis, Marcus Miller, Ray Brown, John Patitucci and many more inspire him. “I have always had a soft spot for nice funk, usually in the jazz and fusion department and a strong groove, which I think is represented in my own playing”.
Frederik Fog Bruun
Year of birth: 1996.
Frederik lives in Ordrup and plays the Guitar. 
He is inspired by musicians like John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Charles Mingus, Jim Hall, Monk, and the rest of the compulsory jazz archives. He started out by playing Pink Floyd and Beatles but soon realized that he would rather play jazz music. “Actually, a great part of the musically inspiration is found in things like poems, photos, nature and food and therefore, I like to read poems. I find poets like Arthur Rimbaud, Strunge, SUT and Pia Tafdrup really cool”
Rasmus Bak Vorm
Year of birth: 1991.
Rasmus lives in Holstebro and plays thin wooden drums and old dusty cymbals. His greatest inspiration is Monk.
Signe Kyhl Michno
Year of birth: 1992
Signe lives in Nr. Nissum and her main instrument is the piano. She is fond of jazz music and finds inspiration in pianists like Lars Jansson and Jan Johansson. Additionally, Jamie Cullum is also one of her favorites.
Jeppe Gottlieb
Year of birth: 1994
Jeppe lives in Herning and plays the guitar. He was first inspired to play music when he saw the DVD “Where The Light Is Live” by John Mayer. Apart from that, several artists like, Jon Gorm, Bon Iver, George Benson, Søren Huss and Thomas Buttenschøn inspire him. “I often feel that music has become a struggle of showing who masters most techniques and scales rather than actually playing something that sound good and playing to entertain others – which is how I believe music is aimed at doing.”
Carlo Becker
Carlo plays the trumpet and is inspired by the joy of playing and listening to music. “Those moments, where happiness roars within the body and where people are gathered around the music and being united through it to a community without words. A community that is joined to enjoy that moment and the joy of that exact moment. These are the moment I love and this is what inspires me to play music. One day, I hope to be able to create such magical moments for other people.”

Iris Poparic
Year of birth: 1998
Iris lives in Frederiksberg and sings/raps. She has always been inspired by a lot of different things, genres and artists. Her greatest idols are Eminem, Missy Elliot and Alicia Keys. “I am the type of person who collects experiences and impressions and loves to mix different styles”.
Julius Georg Jensen
Year of birth: 1997
Julius lives in Gentofte. He has played the piano for almost 8 years. His entire family plays the piano so he couldn’t avoid listening when his siblings were practicing and he found it interesting and began to play with the piano. Later on, he started taking classical lessons but now the rythmical genres has taken over. His inspiration is drawn from attending concerts and exploring new possibilities within the music.
Cecilie Maria Kornum
Year of birth: 1997
Cecilie lives in Gentofte and she sings, sings, sings. Music has a great place in Cecilie’s life and heart. “Through music I have met a number of beautiful people in every form, color. Through music I have learned so many things about myself. It has challenged me and given me opinions just to replace them with others. Music often surprises me and that is why I continue to throw myself into its’ wonderfully confusing world. Right now, I’m attending the Ollerup Highschool for Music, where I sing in a funk band with these incredible guys, who have inspired me a lot. And with whom I’ve shared fantastic moments.” She has a taste for everything from Earth Wind and Fire, Mumford and Sons, The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder and Tower of Power to Nirvana 
Martin Thomsen Engström
Year of birth: 1993
Martin lives in Copenhagen and plays the drums and the percussion. He is a true teamplayer and, to him, the most important thing is that everything works well as a unit. Martin finds inspiration everywhere and not just in music. “In general, I just like being a sponge and absorb what I can from every drummer, band, melody or experience I come across”. He was introduced to the drums in the age of 9 and the year after he and his family moved to Bornholm. He has been playing the drums ever since, with exception of a year at an independent boarding school for lower secondary students. This turned out to be a milestone for him because the school wasn’t very musical and he soon realized that he simply would not and could not live without music.