About us

Swinging Europe has for many years been identical with the European Jazz Orchestra and although the orchestra no longer formally exists it continues to be seen as the foundation of Swinging Europe and something we build on.

New Times

We no longer only concentrate about jazz but also other genres and different forms of culture and where artistic exchange within the EU is still included.

We are working on a new EU platform project called ABRACADABRA and we are now awaiting the EU to approve the project. However, should the project not be granted aid from the EU in this round we plan to apply again later this year and when the project goes through it may also contribute some jobs, which will then be posted on this website and our Facebook page.

Besides our annual project where young musicians from all over Denmark has the opportunity to become part of the orchestra PLAY!GROUND LIVE and tour around Denmark, we also have other irons in the fire. Including one of our latest projects, which kicks off for the first time in 2016 is Festival På Flugt (Festival on the run) and is a collaboration that will bridge the gap between communities and newly arrived refugees.

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