Tour, April 2015

Yet another successful tour is over. The 10 young people, eight new musicians and two repeaters from last years band, went on tour in April and Bo Stief said following about the musicians that they really have talent and that they wanted to develop even more.
The tour lasted for six whole days with 12 concerts across Denmark and one day the band had no less than four concerts!

To wind up this years Play!Ground Live, the band had two last events, respectively at Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 12th of July and Aarhus Jazz Festival on the 13th of July.

PLAY!GROUND LIVE 2015 consisted of these 10 young talents:

Alberte Svenningsen
Year of birth: 1993.
Alberte lives in Copenhagen where she plays the saxophone and takes lessons at MGK. She has always been open for different kinds of music, which gives her experiences in both pop, soul, african highlife, punk and jazz bands. After an intense musical journey to Ghana two years ago, she has been fascinated by african rhythms and drumming and now she spends a lot of time on practising and playing these odd rhythms.

Gustav Meding
Year of birth: 1997.
Gustav Meding is one of two guitarists who is part of this year’s PLAY!GROUND LIVE band. Daily he goes to school at Aarhus Statsgymnasium and the music school of Aarhus. His taste in music is very wide and contains everything from Hip Hop, to pop music and to fusion jazz, although he prefers the musicians who doesn’t only focus on playing instruments, but the musicians who play music. His is inspired by guitarists such as Larry Carlton, Mike Stern, Mark Lettierie (Snarky Puppy), and Poul Halberg. “This goes to 11”

Gustav Hagelskjær
Year of birth: 2000.
Gustav is 15 years old and he play the drums. “I really like the raw and dry sound, and I think that the expression of the music and the atmospheres that are created are some of the most important things about music – you got to feel something when you hear the music”. He has been playing the drums since since he was 7 years old and was at that time (and still is) very into alternative rock and artists like Jack White, Radiohead and Kashmir. During the last couple of years he has found inspiration in listening to jazz-artists like John Scofield and Ibrahim Electric. Some of his drumming idols are Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd, Billy Martin and Jojo Mayer.
Iris Poparic
Year of birth: 1998
Iris lives in Frederiksberg and sings/raps. She has always been inspired by a lot of different things, genres and artists. Her greatest idols are Eminem, Missy Elliot and Alicia Keys. “I am the type of person who collects experiences and impressions and loves to mix different styles”.
 Julius Georg Jensen
Year of birth: 1997
Julius lives in Gentofte. He has played the piano for almost 8 years. His entire family plays the piano so he couldn’t avoid listening when his siblings were practicing and he found it interesting and began to play with the piano. Later on, he started taking classical lessons but now the rythmical genres has taken over. His inspiration is drawn from attending concerts and exploring new possibilities within the music.  
Justo Gambula
Year of birth: 1996
Justo lives in Aarhus, and plays the bass. He´s been in numerous bands. Music, songs and dance has always been a part of his life. He finds inspiration in all types of music, especially in old music that describes why the music is as it is today. He is recently admitted at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. Musicians and groups who has had an influence: Erykah Badu, Cécile Mclorin Salvant, Lauryn Hill, Midnite, Pino Palladino
Lasse Vistisen
Year of birth: 1991
Lasse is from Frederiksberg and plays the bass. He is studying Leisure Management and lessons at MGK. He started playing the bass back in elementary school and it has stuck ever since. “I have a very wide taste in music and am therefore inspired by a lot of different styles. Bass players such as Flea, Chris Wolstenholme, John Entwistle and Justin Chancellor were the ones who got me to choose the bass as my main instrument”. Later, when he was at ‘Den Rytmiske Højskole’ in Vig he started to listen to bass players like Pino Palladino, Paul Chambers, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Eddie Gomez. He has always been very fond of Rock, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop music.
Lucas Nygaard
Lucas lives on Amager and plays the drums and percussion. He finally got a drumset at an age of 10 after he had been playing all the tables, stools, pots and pans for a couple of years, because his parents thought his playing would sound better on a drumset.  Lucas started out listening to rock bands like Bruce Springsteen and Red hot Chilli peppers but then went on to listen to all kinds of music, from jazz and classical music to funk, house, electronic music, rock pop and samba. Through out the years he has had the joy of playing his drums in all those genres too and he continues to explore more genres, music and environments. He loves playing all kinds of music and always tries to take his playing and music to new places.

Paakow-SeyramPaakow (Seyram) Tawiah
Year of birth: 1996
Paakow lives in Valby, and has played the trombone for about 8 years. He is originally from Ghana, and moved to Copenhagen when he was 8 but has spent his life living in different parts of West Africa and Europe. He is inspired by musicians from many different genres, from Hip Hop, Classical, Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Middle Eastern Music. His musical aspirations are to fuse all the genres that inspire him, into his own sound. “I think one of the great blessings that I’ve had is that in the musical situations I’m in, I’m allowed to turn my brain off and just let my ears do the work, which lets my inspirations mix with the people I’m playing with to create a sound that hopefully is interesting and moving.”

Rasmus Broegaard
Year of birth: 1994
Rasmus lives in Copenhagen and mainly plays the guitar. From a very early age he was inspired to play music because his dad was playing guitar. “Electric Ladyland” by Jimi Hendrix became the most influential record and a gateway into the universe of music . Rasmus later added guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Philip Sayce, Doyle Bramhall ll and Eric Johnson to his ‘wall of influence’. “To me, the most important thing when playing music is to play with heart and soul. I hope someday I will be able to move others the same way I was deeply moved by listening to my heroes” 


Monday 13th of July 2015 – Aarhus Jazz Festival – Bo Stief & PLAY!GROUND LIVE

By Niels Christensen:
(Translated) The music must be passed on, however, not without a thorough introduction to how, why, when and once again how. No one is better at this than the bass player Bo Stief. Many of the musicians, which today celebrates triumphs, have visited Bo Stief’s “School of music appreciation” and the ones who have managed to draw [upon his talent –edited] can for the rest of their life draw on the experiences they have acquired in his presence.
Bo Stief showed the result of nearly a half year of work in short and concentrated courses with ten young musicians from the entire country. The musical baseline is Bo Stief’s compositions, which in the hands of the young musicians has gained new life. And what a life!
They are fairly young and presumably without any great concert experience. But they showed what talent, immersion, joy and, not least, hard work can lead to. We heard ten young musicians who obviously love to play and who superiorly played through even the most difficult course – and it must be stressed, without notes!
Bo Stief maintained focus and controlled the music and the musicians through an hour-long concert that was tremendously diverse; a concert that seemed way to short. At the end of the concert the joy on stage was almost touching and among the audience an overly enthusiasm, and I had to shed a tear of joy of the enthusiasm and the enormous potential that are in hand and awaiting other music lovers around Denmark.
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